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AKC Inspects the kennel, condition of the dogs & paper work.
USDA inspects kennels, conditions of dogs & paperwork.
State Liscensing inspects the kennel, condition of dogs & paperwork.
We are inspected by AKC  as well as licensed & inspected by USDA & the State. Our vet also comes to our place each year to exam all of our bulldogs, inspect our kennel & to make sure that our bulldog care protocol is up to date.
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AKC English Bulldog Puppies for sale
English Bulldog puppies for sale
Welcome to Route 66 English Bulldogs! Please enjoy your journey through our site.

Bulldogs for sale
English Bulldogs for sale
Bulldog Puppies for sale
route66englishbulldogs@ymail.com                                                                                                                                   Call Us 417-859-7986
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Route 66 English Bulldogs is a small business run in our family home, there is no brokering or sales to pet stores, we raise English Bulldogs & have English Bulldog puppies for sale to homes & families. We are English Bulldog Breeders of AKC purebred English Bulldogs with many years of experience. Our goal is to offer English Bulldog puppies for sale from a breeding program that focuses on not only the physical attributes to the English Bulldog breed & their temperaments, but 1st & foremost on their health. 
We offer English Bulldog puppies for sale not only in our home state of Missouri, but also in all of the United States including Alaska. We ground ship our puppies to most locations some locations require that they fly. Contact Us for more details about the shipping process or visit our About Us page for more detailed information on the shipping process as well as a lot of other info about us.  

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Bulldog Breeders
English Bulldog Breeders
Bulldog Breeders
English Bulldogs A Wonderful Breed
English Bulldogs make great pets for apartments & in your home. They are one of the best breeds in the world to have around children & the elderly due to their ongoing patience. If you have children then owning a bulldog would teach them responsibility & respect for all animals.
English Bulldogs have a very firm build & look about them that is very unique so a lot of our military, colleges, high schools & sports teams have used the English bulldog as their mascot not to mention the Mac truck uses the bulldog as their hood ornament.
If you enjoy caring for animals then the English Bulldog is the right breed for you as they enjoy having a companion & will show all the love you deserve for taking such wonderful care of them. Having a English Bulldog in your life that needs you will bring meaning & joy into your life. They are also great to have around if you are lonely they are such wonderful companions & they give you someone to cuddle with.
When you own a bulldog & you take your bulldog to the park or a walk down your street people are sure to greet you & comment on what a beautiful bulldog you have. As a future bulldog owner you should expect a lovable, snug-gable, hug-gable, gassy, snoring, wrinkly, short & stocky English bulldog as your new companion.
Until you own a bulldog you won't know what joy they can bring into your life & for those who have owned a bulldog it's hard to imagine not having them in your life. With their wonderful personalities, comical acts, loyalty, calm yet playful behavior & their undying love, one is sure to fall in love with a bulldog. As an English bulldog breeder i am filled with the joy & love of English Bulldogs everyday they are such wonderful companions. The English bulldogs love is unconditional. They don't care what type of person you are, they don't care about your flaws even if your flaws do affect them they will forgive you without judging & love you just the same. 
English Bulldog puppies for sale
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We are expecting to have puppies out of Rosie & Ghostrider in July & are accepting deposits for the upcoming litter. Deposits are for 1st, 2nd & 3rd picks. Deposits are $500 & come off of the purchase price.  If you have any questions or are interested in one of our bulldog puppies for sale feel free to call us anytime 417-859-7986 or 
417-459-9827 or you can
email us at route66englishbulldogs@ymail.com
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